Did I tell you my New Year’s resolution this year was to do just ‘good enough’. I’m the kind of person who likes to go all out. My motto is pretty much go big or go home. Everything I do has gotta be a spectacle. But this year I decided to try just getting by with the minimum.

I set out on this quest partly because I wanted to give myself a break, but mostly because I’m working full-time and taking three college classes currently and if I give my typical 125% to everything I would go berzerk. So good enough, has gotta be good enough.

Slightly to my dismay, this has gotta carry over into my crafting. I just don’t have time to do the decorating, cooking and projects I’d like right now. So, sorry Valentine’s Day, but your not gonna get much outta me.

However, I’d very much like to show you what I would be crafting for V-Day. If I were in typical over-the-top mode.

First of all, my theme would be hearts and arrows. I’m totally into arrows (maybe that’s a bit of hangover from reading the Hunger Games?)

I’d definitely make these:
Edible arrow Valentines from The Coterie Blog.

And these:

Love arrows from A Day In the Life.

And these:

Felt heart pins from Parents.com.

And these:

Arrow place cards from Fellow Fellow.

And for sure these:

Brownies with arrows from Be Different Act Normal.

Maybe I’ll be able to squeeze in one or two of things projects in the next couple of weeks. But for now, they’re destined to sit on my Pinterest board.

There’s always next year. I’m not ashamed of my slacking, in fact it’s my goal for the year!

Thanks for stopping by At Home With Mrs. Hampton. It was a pleasure having you.

Featured image from this website.