I’ve seen a few pins floating around the Pinterest world linking to blogs with tutorials for removing ink from food containers. It seemed easy enough: wipe the ink off with acetone found with manicure supplies in the health and beauty aisle at the grocery store.

I gathered a few plastic containers that had been stamped with labels and logos.

Using gloves and an old washcloth soaked in the acetone I wiped down the containers:

Some of the websites I read said they wrapped the acetone soaked cloth tightly around the container and let it sit for 5 minutes before wiping down. I found I didn’t have the patience to wait 5 minutes and that the ink wiped right off immediately.

To fully remove the ink from all of my containers took this entire 8-ounce bottle of acetone (which I purchased at Meijer for $1.69):

The ink wiped off more easily from some containers than others. Some residue was left on this Kraft dip lid:

And the ink on this Frigo cheese container lid just wouldn’t budge:

It’s impenetrable.

After wiping off the ink using the acetone I hand washed the containers in dish washing soap and hot water.

Here they are, ink free, beautiful blank canvases ready for storage:

Recycled and ready for re-use. No need to buy any more plastic food storage containers.

This was super easy and I like that now if I put leftovers in a butter container I won’t think they are butter. I might make labels out of vinyl or maybe just write on the containers with a dry erase marker for quick and easy labeling.

I did learn a few things trying this out.
-Make sure to use gloves. You do not want to burn the skin on your hands from vigorous scrubbing.
-Do this in a well ventilated room. That acetone is strong and will leave your house smelling like a nail salon.
-This many containers used a lot more acetone than I thought it would. I had to keep re-wetting the wash cloth with the acetone because it dried quickly.

I love re-using rather than just trashing or buying new.  It saves both money and the environment! Win-win.

Thanks for stopping by At Home With Mrs. Hampton. It was a pleasure having you.