While getting in more exercise this summer (read all about it here, here, here and here) I’ve noticed there are certain accessories that make working out easier – great sneakers, a fully charged iPod and sunglasses all make me more comfortable while I’m being active.

I’m always looking for other things I can do or wear that will make sweating my butt off more enjoyable. While browsing Pinterest I came across 5-strand T-shirt headbands. I immediately thought these headbands would come in useful while working out. They could serve the purpose of keeping my hair out of my face and help absorb some sweat.

Also, I could make them myself totally for free.

I started with two old T-shirts:

I went with grey and purple because I was hoping the purple would help hide sweat and the grey would match most of the things I wore. I don’t know why I cared about either of those things when making these headbands, because I certainly I don’t care about hiding sweat or matching clothes when actually working out.

Next, I cut the T-shirts into 5 strips. My strips are around 2-inches wide and as long as the bottom of the shirt. I found it worked to start with long strips so that I could cut them down to fit my head later. I tried using different widths for strips, but didn’t really see a noticeable difference when I actually made the headband.

I then braided the 5 bands together using this tutorial from Make It and Love It. In the tutorial the crafter started by sewing her ends together. I didn’t do that I just taped them down to the table to hold them still.

It took me a couple of tries to figure out how exactly to do a 5-strand braid.  Basically, you do a regular 3-strand braid on one side, then pull the innermost strand over and repeat on the other side.

After I had braided the strips together, I wrapped the braid around my head to get an idea of the size I needed. At first I sewed the ends together (rather sloppily), but then I had to make several adjustments to the size because the band was too large for my head and ended up cutting off the sewed part. I eventually just hot glued the ends together as well as an extra piece of T-shirt fabric to make the headband look finished.


Then I spent a good deal of time trying to take pictures of my head actually modeling the bands:

It is super difficult to take pictures of my own head.

Here’s the purple headband:

I was so excited to try out these headbands on my morning jog. Unfortunately, they were awful when actually put in action. I’m not sure if it was my hair or my sweat or the fact that the T-shirt fabric continues to stretch, but the headbands kept slipping off my head while I was wearing them. It was so distracting and annoying. Totally not what I had envisioned. Halfway through the jog I just pulled the headband off rather than readjust it for the millionth time and just wrapped it around my wrist.

This project ended up being a fail for my intended purpose. I’m sure I could still wear the headbands just to keep my hair back, but not when I’m doing a lot of movement. On the plus side, I did learn how to do a 5-strand braid, so there’s that.

As for workout gear headbands, I ended up buying a pack of 5 no-slip elastic ones from Dollar Tree and they are working just fine.

Do you have any workout gear or accessories that make exercise better/easier? If so, please share. I’d love to see your suggestions in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by At Home With Mrs. Hampton. It was a pleasure having you. Have a lovely weekend!